Get a 2% discount on a new home purchase.

Neely Real Estate Group is making a new service available for a limited time period. They are offering a discount to certain home buyers in the form of a rebate at the closing.

Buyers that choose to build new homes are generally going directly to the home builder.  Builders generally offer a 3% commission to their buyer’s real estate agent, a commission that the builder pays (not the buyer).

Have you found a model home that you would like to build?  Are you currently touring areas that are building new houses?  Neely Real Estate Group is now offering to give up to 2% back to home buyers as a rebate at the closing if you qualify for their program.  With the extra money, new home buyers can purchase upgrades, use it to pay closing costs, or buy furniture for their new home.

The idea behind this offering is that most people that choose to build a house, do the work of finding the model home and builder of choice on their own.  They are able to do this because they generally are able to walk into a model home without an appointment and can receive services rather easily.  A realtor’s services generally become more necessary after this has taken place.  Neely Real Estate Group is offering to give up to 2% back to home buyers such as this at the closing.  If extra services are needed, Neely Real Estate Group is willing to convert to a full service brokerage. 

Nathan Neely, the broker and owner of Neely Real Estate Group, was quoted at saying, “We are working with a high market in DFW that is estimated to stay high for a very long time.  We realize that people need to purchase now before the market climbs even higher.  We are happy to help our clients have a boost in purchasing a new home. This will open up opportunity for them!”

To qualify you must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Planning to or in the market to purchase a home from a new home builder

2. Have already found the builder and model, or are in the process.  Do not require a realtor's assistance in walking through the model homes and choosing a builder or model.

3. Have already determined an agreed upon purchase price with the builder's sales representative.

4. Are not currently working with another realtor and/or brokerage.

5. Have not already signed a contract with a home builder.

6. The incentive is only for people that are purchasing a home from a new home builder.

If the home buyer decides to purchase a pre-owned home or a new home and in both cases needs Neely Real Estate Group to do anything out of the parameters of the above, i.e. show houses, Neely Real Estate Group assumes the place of full-service and is happy to provide any and all services to the home buyer.  As stated before, with full-services offered, a full 3% commission will also be earned by Neely Real Estate Group. 

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